2018 Feast of Tabernacles Registration Form

September 24th - October 3rd, 2018

Please mail form and deposit to:
Glenn Hunter
5078 Dorsey Road
Oxford, NC 27565

Family Information:
Family Name:
Email (optional):
Number of Adults __________
Child's First Name *Age

*Knowing the gender & ages of the children helps us plan for children classes and other crafts for the children.

Type Cost
Ipecac Cabin - Rustic with Electricity - Sleeps 8 $125.00/family
Loblolly Cabin - Barracks-style - Sleeps 12 ** $200.00/family
Ipecac Handicap Cabin - Sleeps 2 (only 2 cabins available) $50.00/family

**Note that depending on the number of families attending it would be desired that we split some of the Loblolly cabins. If you are willing to share your cabin, please note as such below or contact us. Each family in a shared cabin will only be charged half of the total price.

To reserve your cabin please mail in your registration form along with $25. Balance will be due upon arrival at the camp.
*** Please email to confirm cabin availability. Do NOT contact the Singletary Lake State Park staff for any feast-related inquiries.***

Cabin type Selection: __________   |   Split Cabin? Y  /  N   |   If Split, Name of other family (if known) _______________
Donations are welcome to help with food, activity and other non-lodging expenses. All donations given for this purpose will be applied for the use of all feast-goers. Any and all contributions are greatly appreciated!

Please let us know about any special circumstances you may have:
(Handicap needs, tenting needs, etc.) Please use the back of this form if more space is needed.

Head of Household: _______________________   Signature _______________________   Date: ___/___/______


We want every feast participant to have the best time possible, adults and children. Though we will make every effort possible to ensure the safety and protection of all participants we are not liable for any injuries or damages, bodily or otherwise, that may occur during your feast experience. Your registration and participation in the feast is your acceptance of and agreement with this disclaimer.


  1. Adherence to all NC state park rules while on park property.
  2. Honoring Sabbath and High Day observance as described in our FAQ page.
  3. Adherence to Clean Food Laws as described in Torah.
  4. Use of kitchens / food storage:
    • The kitchen equipment is open for use by anyone over the age of 15 and supervised children.
    • As the storage areas are shared please respect other’s space and ensure children are knowledgeable of the location of your food items.
    • Families are responsible for preparing their own meals for meal times not specified on the schedule. Please refer to the FAQ page for more details.
    • Families are responsible for personal clean-up.
  5. Unmarried couples: Couples joining us who are not yet married are welcome to register. Those couples will be expected to reserve separate cabins for their stay at the camp.
  6. Children/teen classes and activities are scheduled throughout the feast. At other times, parents are responsible for their children's supervision and are encouraged to provide parameters as deemed appropriate for their own children.
    • Children 17 and under require supervision when swimming at the lake.
    • Lake access after 10pm without appointed adult supervision is prohibited.
    • Families are responsible for dictating curfew hours for their children.
  7. Quiet hours are from 10pm - 7am.
  8. Please dress modestly, including modest swimwear.
  9. Both men and women will be giving messages and/or leading Bible studies. In addition, on youth service day a message may be given by teens.
  10. Disagreements: We are all at different places on the path, so “Agree to Disagree” when necessary.
  11. Respect: Treat others as you would like to be treated.