Below are some pictures of the various facilities at the camp. They are taken from a more full slide show composed of pictures we took during our visit. The full slide show can be found here. To see the pictures for a particular part of the camp simply scroll down or use one of the following links to jump down on the page.

Cabins Meeting/Dining Hall
Kitchen/Pantry Bathrooms/Showers
Surroundings/Grounds/Other Buildings

**A recommended list of feast supplies can be found here.**


Each cabin sleeps 8 (4 bunks each). Lights and outlets are in each cabin as well.

Front of Cabin

Closet in Cabin

Inside of Cabin - Bunks

Screened Porch of Cabin

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Meeting/Dining Hall

The Meeting Hall can hold over 90 people. It has direct access to the kitchen for ease in serving and eating.

Front of Meeting Hall

Front of Meeting Hall

Inside of Meeting Hall

Inside of Meeting Hall

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Kitchen & Pantry

The Kitchen is a full commercial kitchen. It has a commercial ice-maker, several commercial refrigerators/freezers, one large stovetop, and a commercial sink. Pots, pans, plates, cups, and silverware will be provided, though we will be bringing some ourselves as well. It also has two bathrooms, a men's and a women's.

Kitchen From Meeting Hall Entrance


Commercial Sink/Prep Tables

Commercial Ice-Maker




Walk-In Cooler


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There are two main bath/showerhouses. The main showerhouse has at least 3 showers on each side, men's and women's, 3 bathroom stalls, and 4 sinks. The secondary bathhouses (near the meeting hall, men's and women's) have only restroom facilities not showers.

Bath/Showerhouse (Main Camp)

Sinks (Main Camp)

Shower Stalls (Main Camp)

Dressing Area in Shower Stall (Main Camp)

Toilet Stalls (Main Camp)

Toilet (with Antifreeze in it for winterization - Main Camp)

Inside Bath/Showerhouse (Secondary Camp)

Sinks (Secondary Camp)

Shower Stall (Secondary Camp)

Toilet Stall (Secondary Camp)

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Surroundings/Grounds/Other Buildings

The camp has a beautiful landscape and open view. The grounds have sand-bottomed basketball courts, sand volleyball courts, lots of bike riding room, and an epic fire ring for daily/nightly gatherings.

Grounds (Mainly Sand - not muddy =) )

Grounds (with Cabins shown)

Beach Volleyball Court

Arts & Crafts Hut (with sinks)

Path to Fire Pit

Large Fire Pit

Bridge to Nowhere?

Dock on Singletary Lake (Baptismal Site) - 700+ acre lake

View from Pavilion on Dock

View of Baptismal/Swimming Area

Canoes (we are free to use them)

Walking Trail around Lake

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