Volunteer Opportunities

As servants of יהוה we find it a joy to serve others in need in our community. Each year we take a day during the Feast to do just that. We encourage all feast-comers to join us in helping those in need by serving a local ministry with us.

In addition, to make this feast enjoyable to all we encourage everyone to volunteer for one or more of the activties below. Please drop us an email if you are interested in helping with any of the following activities.

Children's Classes

We want to make the feast as memorable as possible for our children. To do so we are wanting to incorporate as many enjoyable and hands-on projects for them as we can. We are looking for fun craft ideas and those to lead them for the daily children's classes.

Daily Torah Readings

We would love to have a different family each day read from the Torah during service. The family could select what verses they want to read or a selection could be provided.


If you desire to lead an opening prayer for one of our services, please let us know. Also, we believe that praying over our children is extremely important. We want to lead by example and petition the grace and truth of יהוה over them. Any scripturally-rooted prayers and blessings made over the children are welcomed.

Songs, Dances & Testimonies

Play the guitar? Play the violin? How about the harmonica? Maybe some drums? Or maybe you have a special song in your heart that you want to offer as worship to יהוה at his appointed time. Maybe your feet are itching to dance for him at His Feast. Special offerings of song and dance are more than welcomed. Just let us know and we will do our best to work it into the worship service.

Additional Activities/Workshops

Have a special talent or interest? Want to teach others? Please let us know and we can include it in our activities for the week.

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